• Divination & Delusion

    Kris Kuksi Art Book

    Kris Kuksi’s sculptures, rendered in immaculate detail, evoke a grandeur reminiscent of the Baroque era. Kuksi successfully merges this sumptuous echo of the past with a satirical and critical commentary of our modern industrial world. These finely crafted sculptures employ images of Gods and Goddesses from past and present mythologies and examine religious belief and iconography. Despite the frequent portrayal of corruption, violence, chaos and degeneration, the works in this book challenge aspects of our beliefs and question whether or not humans have the ability to improve the world’s prosperity.

    The creation of these sculptures spans the last five years and embodies Kuksi’s personal view of our turbulent world. These beautiful assemblages grace the walls of galleries and museums throughout the world and are displayed in the homes of numerous celebrities.

    This stunning volume allows the wider public to examine and appreciate these artworks in exquisite detail for the first time.

    • Hardcover
    • Color
    • 144 pages
    • 12" x 8.5"

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    Published by beinArt Publishing

  • Churchtank Type 9

    Limited Edition Bronze Cast

    Kris Kuksi’s first fine art edition, Churchtank Type 9, is a bronze casting in an edition of 10 created from the artist's ongoing Churchtank series. The bronze was published by and available exclusively from Joshua Liner Gallery.

    Notable countries with superior forces have often forced Christianity upon indigenous peoples, in some instances annihilating tribes and cultures in the process. The Churchtank embodies this display of might, as a cathedral nestled seamlessly upon the lower half of a tank. Its turret erupting from the cathedral doors with a tiny crucifix barrel sight ready to unleash the commandments of Popes, Cardinals, and Priests in the divine form of 100mm shells. Imagine a Churchthank scouting about the barren rubble of decimated landscapes for non-believers — A dark but pertinent scenario given the ‘holy wars’ that still exist to this day. All hail the Churchtank, may it remind us that religious fanaticism is harmful to the flavor and tastes of the exotic cultures of mankind, and to the individuals that seek their own paths to enlightenment.

    • Bronze casting
    • Edition of 10
    • 16" x 11" x 21"
    • Custom black granite base
    • Signed & numbered

    Please contact regarding pricing and availability.

  • The Surrender of Helios

    Limited Edition C-print

    “The Surrender of Helios is a kind of allegorical primer for Kuksi’s moral universe. Helios, the Greek sun god, is surrounded by all manner of earthly appetites-territorial dominion symbolized by flags, power represented by soldiers in arms, and carnal desire embodied in prostrate nudes. Encircled by temptations, he is caught by the artist in a moment of moral pause or ambivalence-a turning point of self-reflection.”

    Printed in New York by Griffin Editions, measuring 26.5 x 32 inches with a plexiglass mounted face, this is the first fine art print to be offered by Kris Kuksi.

    Due to the demand for Kuksi's work, and the limited availability (an edition of ten with two artist proofs) we are accepting orders on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    • C-print mounted to plexiglass
    • Edition of 10
    • 26.5" x 32"

    Please contact regarding pricing and availability.